Balance General Laboratory Purpose : This is a basic general purpose balance for students. The hangers have double hooks for specific gravity experiments, and the pans are detachable. Capacity: 250 gm   

Physical Balance
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Lever Balance
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Balance Lever Type: This balance has been designed to fill the long felt need for an inexpensive and robust single pan balance of modest size which will give consistent and rapid readings with an accuracy well within the scale reading. It has two ranges, reading 250x1gm and 1000x10gm the changeover being effected very easily by rotating a hinged arm, which carries the gravity weight
Calliper Vernier : IME Type, improved design, plated steel, with dual scale 0-15cm x 0.1mm and 6x1/128 inches, provided with thumb movement for easy motion of jaws in velvet lined box/plastic case.
Calliper, Micrometer & Screw Gauge
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