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MT150 Precision Rotary Microtome:
The microtome is fitted with a strong knife holder which can be adjusted to different ranges of sectioning angles. With automatic feed release safely device. It is provided with spring loaded ball and push pin type safety lock for hand wheel. Feed adjustment 1 micron, Excursion of feed 28mm. Opening of object clamp 31*17 mm.
Accessories: Three Object holders, one knife, one Honing plate & one oil can for lubrication
MT10 Hand And Table Microtome:
It is a compination of Hand and
Table Microtome. An excellent
device for study of cutting sections of unembedded specimens. The pitch of the screw is 0.5mm and drum has 50 divisions. Max Clamp opening is 40 mm.

A Microtomes Hand
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