- Unigypt Trade was established in1993 in order to be the first specialized company in importing, distributing and selling the scientific equipment and the illustrative means to collages , scientific and scholastic laboratories.

- Unigypt Trade is one of the leaders in developing the educational process through importing the modern equipment and techniques to provide universities ,governmental and special institutes and schools through the Ministry of Education, El Azhar University and El Azhar Institutions and the Ministry of High Education.

- Unigypt Trade is the reliable source of the scientific specialized equipment and apparatus for a numerous number of companies, such as The Egyptian Company for Electrical Equipment and Stationing (Romny) and other large-scale companies in Egypt.

- Unigypt Trade is the leader in importing, selling and distributing the following sophisticated equipment and apparatus :
Laboratory equipment, such as the ovens and other sophisticated technical equipment.
Illustrative means and training materials for schools in the fields of chemistry, physics and natural history including optical and magnetic equipment and the illustrative models.
Sensitive balances whether they are spiral, electronic or sensitive manual balance.
Microscopes for students and the scientific researches.
Glass ware and slices for laboratories.
Projectors (Overhead scope – slide – data and hoppy projectors).

- Unigypt Trade is not limited to these sophisticated scientific equipment but also it deals with carpentry equipment, apparatus, and machines, kitchen machines for hotels and hospitals and other modern and up-to-date equipment.

- To guarantee the marketability of the equipment and its success in the Egyptian market, the company has become the reliable representative and distributor for a number of the international specialized companies in its fields, such as :
The German Company MLW Intermed
The German Company Technische Glaswerke Ilmena
The Indian Company OSAW India
The Indian Company Arihant Industries
The Chinese Company GEO
The Polish Company Varimex
The Polish Company Unimex-Holding Ltd

- Unigypt Trade has possessed its clients’ trust in the country wide. The company’s biggest clients are :
Ministry of the High Education (collages and scientific institutes).
Ministry of Education.
El Azhar Institutes.
Five star hotels and main hospitals in Egypt.
Special schools and institutes in Egypt.

- Unigypt Trade has many reliable distributors spreaded allover Egypt, but due to their multiplicity they were detailed in another section in the site.

- Unigypt Trade aimed to be always capable of supporting and maintaining the equipment which it imports and distributes. This is to guarantee a long life time for its equipment without any failure. That is the secret of our customer satisfaction and continuous relations with our company. This success has been achieved thanks to the following reasons :
Unigypt Trade founders and stuff have extensive experience its our sophisticated field.
Unigypt Trade has prepared a qualified technical staff which is capable to offer the immediate, suitable and technical support for every customers when needed.
Unigypt Trade basically concentrates on importing excellent equipment from international famous companies in that sophisticated field to meet its customer needs.

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